Two of our top performers – Blake Lawrence and Kaname Asaki.

24 August 2023, Isleworth –

There was a jubilant mood at Isleworth & Syon on Thursday morning as Year 11 students collected their GCSE results. Students have worked extremely hard to earn their top grades, despite the disrupted education that they have experienced because of the Covid pandemic. However, our specialist and experienced staff have been working closely with students to ensure they maximise their potential and be the best that they can be. While the school is incredibly proud of the outstanding grades achieved by so many, we are also pleased that students have taken advantage of the wider outstanding opportunities offered by the school. This ensures that our students are well-rounded individuals ready for a variety of careers and next steps. Students have clearly flourished in this personalised learning environment, with most Year 11s continuing at the school’s successful Sixth Form.

Our top performer was Blake Lawrence with a clean sweep of 9s and 8s. His 9 in English Language was no surprise, as he enjoyed taking the opportunity to perform poetry – making it to the national Poetry by Heart Grand Final at Shakespeare’s Globe earlier this year. These public speaking skills will prepare him well for a potential future career as a lawyer – he will look to hone them further in our Sixth Form. Another student who has taken full advantage of the school’s breadth of outstanding opportunities is Kaname Asaki, who did brilliantly to earn seven 9s, two 8s plus a 7 and 6. His musical talents have shone on the school stage since joining us in Year 7.

Aayan Ahmed, Pierson Da Costa and Hafidh Abdalla all achieved straight 9s across the sciences, as well as another 13 grades at 9-8 between them. Aayan will continue his science studies with us in Sixth Form, knowing that Isleworth & Syon has a rich tradition of producing undergraduates in medicine. Meanwhile, Pierson and Hafidh are less sure of their future careers but plan to continue with A levels in the school’s Sixth Form. The full cohort of Year 12 students will benefit from the expertise of our career specialists, with our targeted careers programme giving them the tools to succeed.

The school has again had great success this year with heritage language qualifications, which offer students the chance to earn an additional GCSE language. Nishant Brahmbhatt earned a 9 in Gujarati and French, along with another six grades at 9-7. This multilingual student will continue his language studies with a French A level in the Sixth Form. Other languages sat this year include Japanese, Russian and Polish, reflecting the diversity of the school community.

Engineering continues to be a popular pathway for our boys. Both Yasin Ahmed and Jonah Shaw are already looking ahead to future engineering careers. They know that studying maths and science with us is their platform for continued success. As they join the Sixth Form, students can take advantage of weekly after-school enrichment sessions, designed to help students prepare for their next steps, whatever that may be. This year, that included a popular Sixth Form Futures Week.

Co-Headteachers Simon Fisher and Jo Higginbottom commented, “These results show the benefits of hard work, commitment, and resilience. We know that these Isleworthians have faced unprecedented national and sometimes personal challenges, supported expertly by both school staff and parents/carers at home. We are delighted that students have taken the support on offer and are well on their way to becoming distinguished alumni. We are thrilled with the levels of Sixth Form enrolment today, which shows that the students recognise the school’s long-standing commitment to exceptional education and outstanding opportunities – every day. Congratulations to all students collecting results today – we will always do everything we can to support you with your next steps.”


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