• The 'Play in a Day' activity for Year 7 last year saw students take part in an immersive theatre experience, to uncover a conspiracy.
  • One popular Year 8 activity last year was the Structural Challenge - using engineering skills to build a load-bearing bridge out of only paper and tape!
  • Students on the Year 9 Life Skills pathway learned important skills for later in life, like cooking.
  • Year 9 'Investigating the Human Body' students learned so much about our inner workings - including how to take blood from a plastic arm.
  • Year 12 took part in Sixth Form Futures Week last year - preparing themselves for their next steps once they leave school.
Each year, we organise a Wider Learning Week (WLW) towards the end of the Summer Term, for students in Years 7-9 and 12. Year 10 will be taking part in their work-related learning, while Years 11 and 13 will have completed their studies and left school.

Wider Learning Week provides enriching learning experiences in familiar and new contexts. The activities designed will challenge students, promote wider understanding, and develop independence. To get a sense of what the week’s about, check out tweets from 2018, 2019 and 2023.

In 2023-24, it will take place from Monday 8 – Friday 12 July 2023. See more details in the other tabs.

Year 7’s activities will be confirmed in the Spring Term.

Year 8’s activities will be confirmed in the Spring Term.

Year 9 will be given the opportunity to pick one pathway for all five days. Students will do one of:

  • Codebreaking – learn about the development of making and breaking codes, before creating your own escape room for students to try.
  • Computing – discover how IT is used in industries and business.
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award – a programme of practical and theory sessions leading to an off-site expedition.
  • Engineering – learn about the world of engineering and develop designing and making skills.
  • Entrepreneur Week – using the format of ‘The Apprentice’, students will develop a business concept and then present to industry professionals.
  • Journalism – experience life as a journalist and report on the week’s activities.
  • Medical Makers – step into the role of different healthcare professionals and take part in exciting hands-on activities.
  • Music Production – develop your producing and performing skills before putting them into practice for local primary schools.
  • Photography – explore new techniques and skills as you visit some architecturally-interesting sites.
  • Sports Week – get active with a series of high-paced sporting activities both on-site and across London.

Read the details below for how students can make their choices.

Year 12 will take part in a series of activities which will be confirmed in the Spring Term.