• In previous years, Year 7 students made energy drinks from scratch!
  • In 2019, students on the media pathway shot and edited a movie of the week.
  • Year 12 welcomed former student and Head Boy Maxwell Omondi to talk about his life as a 'fresher' at university.
  • Our Year 8 boys took part in a variety of health-based activities, including making fresh pasta with CucinA!
  • Year 7 students taking French were lucky enough to visit the beautiful beaches of Boulogne!
  • Year 9 sports students took in some beach volleyball!
Each year, we organise a Wider Learning Week (WLW) towards the end of the Summer Term, for students in Years 7-9 and 12. Year 10 will be taking part in their work-related learning, while Years 11 and 13 will have completed their studies and left school.

Wider Learning Week provides enriching learning experiences in familiar and new contexts. Activities will challenge students and promote a wider understanding and independence, as well as developing their key skills, and allowing them to engage in wider learning. To get a sense of what the week’s about, check out tweets from 2018 and 2019.

In 2022-23, it will take place from Monday 10 – Friday 14 July 2023. We have not been able to do WLW for three years because of the Covid pandemic, so we are excited for the 2023 week of activities. See more details in the other tabs.

Year 7 will take part in a series of activities during the course of the week. The full itinerary will be confirmed in the Spring Term.

Year 8’s schedule of activities will be jam-packed and varied. It will be confirmed during the Spring Term.

Year 9 are given the opportunity to pick one pathway for all five days. Read the details below for how students can make their choices.

Year 12’s week will be confirmed in the Summer Term, but often focus on students’ next steps, with sessions about universities, apprenticeships and more!