• Throughout their curriculum, students are able to take part in practical experiments. This example features a Sixth Former during Open Evening!
  • Students are taught the importance of safety within the laboratory at all times.
  • During Wider Learning Week, students can take part in unique experiments!
  • Medic Club is aimed at Year 12 students with an interest in taking medicine at university.
Science is introduced into the curriculum in Year 7. Students will continue to study the three sciences – biology, chemistry and physics – through to GCSE, attaining a minimum of two GCSE grades and a third as an option. As a department, we pride ourselves on our continued outstanding success, a result of our highly enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers who progress and exhilarate the students from Year 7 through to Year 11. Our aim is to educate, encourage and inspire every single one of our students. Many opt to continue studying a science as one of their A level options, leading to a successful career in the scientific industry.

We offer a range of additional opportunities for our students. These include:

  • Year 7 science club
  • University lectures
  • Drop in help sessions
  • Medic Club (Sixth Form)