We continue with our drive of maximising outcomes for all students. Year 8 students study a wide range of subjects in their first two years in school. GCSEs bring increased demands and an even sharper focus on core subjects. Therefore, we are going to provide further time in Year 9 for four chosen subjects; the focus will be to develop the knowledge, application, and skills to be highly successful at GCSE and then at post-16 level, if appropriate.

Students will make four choices, as well as three reserve choices. Your reserve selections must not be the same as your previous choices. Please note that all options are preferences, but they cannot be guaranteed. In Year 9, the four chosen subjects will have increased lesson time, while the other three subjects will not be studied.

You can download the information booklet by clicking below.

  • Year 8 Mini-Options 2024-25
  • Students will be emailed the online form on Friday 10 May; the deadline for completion is Friday 17 May. Please note that students must NOT pick the same subject in more than one box.