Business is a popular choice at GCSE and in the Sixth Form.
Business Studies concerns the business aspects of organisations, both large and small, and their relationship with the community, the government and the economy. This subject involves understanding how entrepreneurs use their skills to make profits (or losses!) by producing goods and services. The factors which make a business profitable and successful are explored by the use of real-life case studies such as the invention of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, how and why Coca-Cola developed Coke Zero and other such business examples. The world of business takes place at such a breath-taking pace, and, consequently, there are always plenty of examples to draw upon.

Pupils will be taught, in addition to the content of the course, the skills of application, analysis and evaluation. This will not only equip them to make rational judgements of businesses but will also serve as invaluable transferable skills.

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Curriculum Leaders

Ms S Ceasar and Mr M Sakhi

Teaching Staff

Mr R Sadhra
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