Economics is a growing subject at both GCSE and A level.
Economics is the study of how society copes with the ‘economic problem’ – the existence of unlimited wants and scarce resources. How do consumers, firms and governments make decisions regarding resource allocation? As a society, how do we decide who gets what? In these ways, we all make economic decisions every day of our lives, and in turn are affected by the decisions of other people and institutions. Economics is the study of these decisions and actions. The economics courses are designed to encourage students to consider the practical application of business and economic concepts. The units offer the opportunity to explore the theories and concepts in the context of events in the business and economic world.

We organise a number of activities for our students. These include:

  • Business Club (Pending Approval)
  • Big Idea Challenge – in partnership with the University of West London
  • Bank of England Excursion