Taking a place at Isleworth & Syon School means joining a school with a long and successful history dating back to 1630. Over our 400-year history, we can point to sustained success for the nearly 100,000 students who have passed through our doors. We offer expertise and pedigree – we do not have to just tell you that we are successful, but we can show you that this is the case.

Everything that we do in school is focused on a singular goal – getting the very best out of our boys. That’s the Isleworth & Syon way – and we are committed to it on a daily basis.

So how do we ensure that boys thrive?

  • We have established a culture of high standards – every student knows the Isleworth & Syon way
  • We recruit only the best teachers, subject specialists who are, or will become, experts in teaching boys
  • We teach a curriculum which provides high-quality learning experiences structured specifically for our boys
  • We help boys explore their futures, through careers education that relies not on stereotypes but on boys’ own interests
  • We connect with you, the parents/carers, working in partnership to maximise your child’s potential

This website should give you a flavour of what we have to offer including top-class facilities, a broad and diverse programme of extra-curricular activities, an outstanding pastoral system, and much more. We also recommend that you check out our prospectus, which goes into more detail about who we are and what we stand for.

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  • We provide a rarely-offered choice, in that Isleworth & Syon is a non-denominational school for boys. An increasing body of educational research highlights the significant advantages of single-sex education up to the age of sixteen, especially for boys. This is why our students consistently out-perform boys taught in mixed settings.

    Our primary focus is that our students perform exceptionally well academically and are supported by fantastic teachers to achieve their very best. In all subject areas and performance measures, our students comfortably out-perform boys nationally and locally.

    Our school is also built on opportunity, and we recognise that boys have a huge range of different interests. They don’t want to be told who they are and what they love, but discover it for themselves. Maybe they’re a budding author or rapper; maybe they love rugby or ballet; maybe they’re passionate about climate change; or they have an idea that can change the world. In school, we want to support their existing passions and help them to find new ones. That is why we invest in providing an exceptional range of additional opportunities, inside and outside of the classroom. We believe that no child should be limited in their access to the best opportunities.

    We believe that high achievement is possible only when students feel that they are recognised and valued as individuals, and when they understand how they are expected to behave. In school, there is an atmosphere of care and concern for each individual student. There is also a clear framework of firm but fair discipline, with each student made completely clear of the school’s expectations both inside and outside the classroom.

    The journey to becoming an Isleworthian begins in Year 7 as an inductee, and through his time with us will transform into a Scholar, blossom into an Academic, and will then graduate as a proud Alumnus, forming a bond with the school which continues long into manhood via our alumni network. We want to develop mature, ambitious young men of the future – prepared for the wider world and what comes next, whatever their passions and interests.

    We have created the ‘Isleworth & Syon Way’ as a means to track this development. As students move through the school, they will reach certain milestones, as shown in the graphic below. The end result will be an Isleworthian who is:

    • A thoughtful, active and caring citizen – both in the community and the wider world.
    • A confident leader – ready to listen and take initiative where needed.
    • A creative scholar – innovative, resourceful and inquisitive, always eager to increase knowledge.
    • A resilient hard-worker – with determination and courage to be outstanding in every respect.
    • An empathetic gentleman – valuing good manners and courteous conduct.
    • A self-disciplined learner – taking control and responsibility of their own choices and achievements.
    • A respectful individual – celebrating the difference and diversity within our non-denominational community.
    • A reflective student – regularly evaluating their learning and seeking to improve.

    Many opportunities exist for students to demonstrate their leadership potential and expertise – read more here.

    A strong partnership between parents/carers and school is key if students are to realise their full educational potential. A Home-School Agreement is signed by students, parents/carers and the school. We believe that creating this partnership immediately is the best way to allow each and every one of our boys the opportunity to reach their full potential.

    The school also has a strong online presence, with a dedicated member of support staff managing these communications. We use the social networks Twitter and Facebook, and following these accounts are the best way for parents/carers to keep up-to-date with all aspects of school life. We also have a dedicated Parent/Carer App to further increase engagement. These accounts are used daily as a means of distributing important notices, publicising what’s been going on in school, and celebrating individual and group student successes.

    If you have a specific query not answered by the website or our social media accounts, parents/carers may telephone the school to make an appointment with any member of the pastoral team. If you contact the school in person, please use the front entrance and sign in at reception. Please sign out when you depart. Parents/carers and visitors are always welcome at Isleworth & Syon.

    A huge source of strength within the school is our Sixth Form. Our primary aim is to ensure that all students experience an academic education of the highest standard, and the school offers a highly supportive environment for students to continue their post-sixteen studies. Girls are welcome in our Sixth Form, either as part of the consortium or as an external applicant.

    We are extremely proud of our record of placing students in some of the top universities in the country – recent destinations have included Oxford, Cambridge, LAMDA, Guildhall, RADA, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, Royal Holloway, Bristol and Exeter. Our staff team is dedicated to preparing each and every student for what comes after school – be that a university place or entry into the world of work via apprenticeship or another vocational route.

    2020 results were a cause for celebration despite the extraordinary circumstances – students did not sit examinations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result received results based on a standardisation procedure by the examinations regulator. In spite of this, our students earned places at some of the top universities in the world, including another Oxbridge entrant!

    In the Sixth Form, our expectations are high, with senior students expected to operate as role models for students in the lower school. Please click the yellow box to read more about what we do post-16.

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  • Ofsted last visited the school for a short inspection in February 2017. The school continues to be graded ‘good’. See a summary of the Ofsted comments in the gallery below, and view the full report via the yellow box at the bottom of the page.

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