By Mr Jones (Gifted & Talented Co-Ordinator)

In April, as part of the Gifted and Talented (G&T) programme, students from Years 8-11 attended a virtual workshop with two current NHS doctors. We organised the event to:

a) support student entries into the Step into the NHS national competition; and

b) to provide careers advice to those interested in working for the NHS.

The event featured Dr Michael Campbell of Royal Victoria Hospital (Belfast) and Dr Helen Gorton of Kings College Hospital (London). They created inspiring presentations focusing on their career journey, opportunities, challenges, and crucially advice on how to enjoy a career in the NHS. Then, students asked their own pre-prepared questions to the doctors which created an engaging Q&A.

Isleworth & Syon students demonstrated outstanding online conduct during the workshop. It ended with a great moment as our students thanked the doctors for their presentations and for all of their hard efforts during the pandemic. This superb experience was an excellent example of ‘cultural capital’, which Ofsted defines as “essential knowledge that children need to be educated citizens”.

Read some feedback from students below:

“The NHS talk was very insightful about all the different stages of learning to become a doctor and about the many jobs within the NHS. The many jobs were very interesting, and I never knew that travelling to a different country was part of learning. It also shows that working as a doctor can allow you to do other jobs, such as teaching.” – Finn Donovan (8Bl)

“I thought the talk was very informative and a very thoughtfully constructed overview of what it means and takes to be a surgeon or a physiotherapist. I very much enjoyed it.” – Zaki Osahn (11B)

“Overall, I really enjoyed the NHS talk. It helped me learn about the doctors and nurses in the modern day. I think it was inspiring and really helpful as now I think I know what it takes to take on such a great job. I now know what type of things I must do to be a doctor if I ever want to be one. It was truly a fantastic message.” – Parmvir Gill (8Bl)


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