A graphic showing the BAFTA Young Designer Awards logo and a screenshot of the student's game in the top right corner.

We were very proud to hear that Raphaël Wreford (8Tu) was a finalist for the ‘Game Making Award: 10-14 years old’ in the BAFTA Young Game Designers Awards this summer. Judges picked Raphaël’s addictive game, ‘Spring’, from thousands of submissions to reach the final! He designed the game via Scratch software, which students first learn about in Year 7.

The game itself is very simple. Players have to catch a series of blue balls using a spring controlled by the keyboard spacebar. (You can see a screenshot in the image at the top of the page.) A great lot of thought went into making this design the best it can be; this included spending time considering how best to make his game accessible to all users, including those with visual or hearing impairments. You can read more about Raphaël’s game here, and more about the awards here.

Perhaps we have a future game designer in our midst. It’s certainly clear that Raphaël has a bright future ahead! We look forward to tracking his progress as he continues his computing education through the school. Well done for this national recognition from one of the top arts organisations in the country, BAFTA.


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