Tickets for our 2019 Summer Arts Festival are now on sale exclusively online. The event is not to be missed, as it featured over 200 students from across the age ranges. The very best of art, drama, music and technology will be on display.

We strongly believe in additional opportunities for all of our boys, giving them the chance to develop themselves in a number of ways including through the creative and performing arts. Events like these showcase why we are the best school in the local area for boys as they make clear the extraordinary work done within the subject departments. We really do encourage all members of our community to support the school by attending the event.

Tickets are a steal at only £2 for adults and £1 for children. Please note that tickets will be sold on the door, but at a higher price – so we recommend purchasing online via Tucasi (see below).

Purchasing Tickets

Tickets must be purchased via our online payment system, Tucasi. If you haven’t yet registered for Tucasi, the whole process takes less than a minute.

Click the button below to access Tucasi. Once you have registered and logged in, scroll down to ‘Trips & events’ and make your purchase. Please contact the Finance department if you encounter any issues.

If you do not have a Tucasi account but wish to purchase tickets, please contact the school by phone and ask to speak to the Finance department.


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