Last week were were thrilled to receive notice that Theo-Amari Ochana (11A) won the Welsh Gymnastics Championships in Cardiff. Theo was last mentioned on this website in September 2014; at that point, he had just started Year 7 and qualified for a London championships. In four years, Theo has gone from strength to strength, working incredibly hard and showing commendable dedication to consistently improve. Now, he has reaped the rewards, and is officially the best in Wales at his age range. You can see his winning performance in the tweet below:

We are extremely proud of Theo and all he has accomplished during his time at school! The only way is up for him now, as he attempts to break into the Wales squad and compete in international competition. We’ll look on with extreme interest.

Is your child doing something out of the ordinary out of school time? Please do get in touch through the usual channels – we’d love to hear from you. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch our boys push themselves outside of the classroom and achieve fantastic results.


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