Boys at Isleworth & Syon School continue to out-perform students nationally, as GCSE examination results improve to record levels. The school achieved a 100% pass rate for the first time ever at GCSE, with 100% of boys earning 5 A*-G grades – comfortably surpassing the national average for boys at 89%. 20% all grades were A* or A, compared with 16% of national boys.

The new progress measure is above our own expectations at 0.32. This shows that for all 1355 grades awarded at GCSE, Isleworth & Syon boys were a third of a grade better than national expectations. This means that students at Isleworth & Syon have, overall, made excellent progress since primary school.

Euan Ferguson, Headteacher, said: “While the national outlook continues to be unpredictable, we are thrilled that our boys have continued to excel. It is equally important to know that our boys continue to out-perform boys nationally and in mixed settings. I congratulate them on their results, which shows how they have worked during their time at Isleworth & Syon. We look forward to seeing where they go next, be that in our top-performing Sixth Form, other forms of further education, or the world of work via an apprenticeship or another route.”

This year’s cohort had some outstanding individual results, with a number of students achieving eight or more grades at A*/A. Our top-performing student was Robbie Whitmore, who excelled with 9 A*s, 2 As and a B. Omar Mahfoudi achieved 7 A*s, 2 As and 2 Bs, while Gheorghe Rotaru gained 5 A*s, 5 As and a B. Rounding up the top five were Manahar Kumar (3 A*s and 8 As) and Hasseeb Hussain (4 A*s, 5 As and 2 Bs).

In the core subjects of English, mathematics and science, students continued to out-perform national scores. Both English and maths have made exceptional progress, with the percentage of grades at C and above standing at 14% higher than the national average for boys in both cases. Meanwhile, our science faculty continues to set the standard as comfortably the best in the area, and one of the best departments in the country, with the amount of grades at C and above over 20% higher than the national result for boys. With a high number of students staying on our top-performing Sixth Form – which has placed in the top 10% for value-added for each of the last ten years – we look forward to celebrating their continued success on Advanced Level courses.


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