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At the end of the Autumn Term, just in time for Christmas, the school organised a charity campaign in support of Save the Children. This international charity aims to tackle child poverty in order to give families a fair chance at life and to try and prevent severe poverty not just abroad but also at home. One of the campaigns that they have run involved buying gifts (costing from £5.00) for children and communities around the world, to make a significant difference to children’s lives. We ran an inter-house fundraising event, where each form group could decide which gift they would try to buy for a child or family in need. View the list of possible gifts.

Donation Gift
£5 Art Set or Football
£10 Toys or Shoes
15 Emergency food or birth kit for midwife
£20 ‘No Child Born to Die’ Survival Kit
£30 Water filter
£36 Two goats
£47 Health workers first aid kit
£51 Healthy Baby Hamper
£95 Midwife hamper
£190 A donkey

Each form group was given a thermometer to track the amount of money that was raised (see the photo below). We were delighted that students from across the school raised an astonishing £1,497.35 for Save the Children, a staggering amount. This was a house competition; Shackleton were the champion fundraisers with a fantastic £673.55. In second place was Turner with £385.66, while bringing up the rear was Brunel with a still-impressive £327.33. The top performing form was 7E, who raised an unbelievable £164.39. Well done, and thank you, to Miss Hannon and her form for their effort!

With the money that we have raised, we have been able to purchase water filters, midwife training, bicycles, survival kits, winter clothes for a child, footballs, and health care for a child for a year, amongst others! Three form groups used their money to buy goats, while 10D spent their funds on four tree saplings. Three forms raised enough money to buy four separate gifts, which is an absolutely excellent effort. After all our purchases, there was still money left over; this £190 was spent on a donkey!

These charity campaigns are very important to the school, and we seek to engage all students in local, national and global fundraising campaigns. One of our three pastoral priorities for this year is to ensure that our students are thoughtful, active and caring citizens. We are, therefore, delighted that the students have made such an effort to help those in need. We will be running more charity events over the course of the year and beyond, in an effort to give back to those who are disadvantaged. The next major fundraising event will be our support of Sport Relief from 18-20 March 2016. We will be running a number of events in school, and will also set up a JustGiving page for students and parents/carers to donate directly. Please encourage your son/ward to participate in the events and activities designed to raise money for this appeal, and keep an eye on our Twitter account for more details on future fundraising.


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