Year 11 mock examinations begin on Monday 7 December. We have just released the full examinations timetable for your perusal; you can find this by visiting the Examinations page and clicking on the ‘Timetables’ tab.

The examinations page contains lots of useful information for your son/ward as he prepares for these important examinations. Key among these are a series of documents by JCQ. This organisation represents the seven largest national awarding bodies offering qualifications in the UK, and the four documents provided pertain to the rules and regulations of all public examinations. Mock examinations at Isleowrth & Syon School are operated according to the same rules and regulations.

To ensure that students understand their responsibilities and comply with the rules, JCQ has produced the following documents, which students need to read and understand:

  1. Information for Candidates – Guidelines when referring to examinations/assessments through the Internet
  2. Information for Candidates – Controlled Assessments
  3. Information for Candidates – Written Examinations
  4. Information for Candidates – Onscreen tests (for students taking BTECs)

Please read these carefully with your son/ward and ensure he is clear about what is expected of him. Breaches of these rules could lead to disqualification in the subject concerned or even in all subjects in certain cases. Visit the Examinations page for more.

Thank you for your support.


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