Friday 5th December was NSPCC Number Day, and the mathematics department ran a number of activities designed to promote numeracy skills in school. There were multiple events taking place in the school hall, as students aimed to score points in a variety of tasks.

Events included:

  • ‘The Estimator’, judged by Mr Harris, where students were told the world triple jump record (18.29m) and asked to guess how far that was from the back of the hall;
  • A ‘time’ game (organised by Mr Dilks), where students had to count twenty seconds without looking at a stopwatch;
  • A ‘speed’ activity with Miss Lupton, where students were told the speed of a cheetah and asked to guess how fast Usain Bolt was running during a 100m sprint;
  • A ‘volume’ test, as Miss Tighe asked students to guess the total volume of liquid in a cylindrical container;
  • A ‘weight’ test, where Mr Issa gave students a kilogram weight and a package of small food and asked to compare the two weights.

Mr Giannotta collated the scores, with the winner announced as Mustafa Elhassan (7E).

Year 7 form groups took part in a maths quiz, with 7A crowned the winners, while Mr Everett ran a code-breaking session in Room 133. Mr Stoddart also organised a scavenger hunt. Students were given a number of clues (for example, ‘a prime number’ or ‘a square number’), and were required to find a member of staff with the answer (a number, or an equation) attached to their clothing.

Well done to all of the students who took part in this activity, and thank you to the members of the Mathematics department for their organisation of the event.


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