In October 2014, three of our A-Level French students (Younes Arif, Ahmad Elmouniery and Othman Lijji) were invited to stay in France for a week, partaking in a unique work experience opportunity. The activity was designed to improve the students’ French speaking skills ahead of their oral examinations. The trip was arranged by the organisation ‘Learning French in France’ (LFIF), as students visited ‘La Renaissance du Bessin’, a French newspaper based in Bayeux, Normandy.

Students were able to shadow a journalist for the week’s duration, while they lived with a French family. All students were tasked with investigating and writing their own article, and Ahmad’s was actually included in the published newspaper. Ahmad went out on to the streets and interviewed various local citizens for his piece (about the twin cities of Bayeux and Dorchester), and all the students found that their fluency in the language had rapidly increased over the course of the week.

The organisers of the visit were effusive in their praise for all the boys who took part. Well done to them for their professionalism and commitment. We wish them all the best in their examinations!


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