On Monday 30 June 2014, a collection of AS-Level Science students visited the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition in London. There was a wide range of research exhibits, hosted by visiting universities from around the country. These exhibits were very interactive, giving students the opportunity to learn more about subjects such as the human brain, nuclear fusion and the Higgs-Boson particle, amongst others.

The sixth formers also listened to a fascinating lecture from Professor Jon Timmis of the University of York, focusing on how biology and robotics are inter-related. He discussed the process of developing robots in terms of spread and control, as well as the current and potential practical applications for robots within various scientific fields. A selection of robots was displayed for the students to see in action, including one that showed off some impressive dancing moves.

One student commented that he found the trip “thoroughly enjoyable and eye-opening”, as it showed “how far science has come in a short space of time and how it is still evolving.”


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