Year 13 students said their goodbyes in a poignant leavers’ assembly on Thursday 22 May 2014. The assembly, dictated and led by the sixth formers themselves, was designed as a celebration of their time at Isleworth & Syon. Mr Ferguson began proceedings by echoing a message he gave at the Year 7 induction assembly seven years earlier: “Be the best you can be,” encouraging dedication and persistence in order to achieve goals. Mr Doyle, head of Sixth Form, continued this theme by expressing how all the talent and ability means nothing if not paired with constant hard work. Mr Doyle congratulated the students for their hard work throughout their time at Isleworth & Syon, explaining that this was clearly apparent in the results the group has attained thus far.

Mr Doyle then shared some personal memories of his time with Year 13, including some hilarious anecdotes which left the audience in stitches! The floor was at this point passed to the Year 13 students for the rest of the assembly. Taheen Modak began with a reflection on the group’s time at Isleworth & Syon, taking the audience through the years with wit and humour. The crowd particularly enjoyed a slideshow of Year 7 photos, leading to roars of laughter from all.

The crowd were treated to a musical performance from Max Mills, who gave a stunning rendition of ‘7evens’ on the drums. After, Arantos Barhani gave a short speech on the future, wishing his classmates well as they planned the next chapter in their lives: be that further study or entrance into the world of work. Then, Miss Tyreman, Deputy Sixth Form Leader, presented the Sixth Form Oscars, complete with drumrolls from Max. Awards included ‘Best Facial Hair’, ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Most Likely to be Asked for ID at the Age of 30’, and ‘Most Likely to Take Over the World’.

Frankie Formby then gave a short insight into the female perspective of being at Isleworth & Syon, explaining how much fun she’d had in this completely new environment. She was followed by Madeleine Williams, who performed a self-written song on the guitar, a thoughtful ballad titled ‘Something New’ which mused on the past while looking forward to the future.

The assembly concluded with a final message from Daniel Norris (Head Boy) and Khobaib Abuelmeaza (Deputy Head Boy), who both took the time to thank all of their teachers for their contributions throughout their time at the school. They finished by reflecting on friendships made for life at Isleworth & Syon.

We wish every single student the best of luck for the future and hope that they keep in touch.


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