On Tuesday 13 May 2014, the Year 13 BTEC Performing Arts group gave their final performance: a piece called ‘Face to the Wall’ by Martin Crimp. The piece centred around a school shooting, and as such the students used this opportunity to perform it in the ‘Promenade’ style.

This fluid style of theatre requires multiple locations, with the audience moving between them with the actors and being among the action rather than separate from it. Miss Durber commented that the audience were particularly engaged by this aspect of the students’ performance as it allowed them to experience the visceral emotions of the characters. The audience’s feedback also showed that the piece was very effective in that it led to reflection on the nature of school shootings, a very pertinent topic.

The performance incorporated various stylistic elements, including various narrators addressing and directing audience members, freeze frames, repetitive chanting, and live music.

The play was a stunning success, as each of the seven students involved gained the highest possible grade: a distinction. Miss Durber said, “The students produced a mature and emotive performance, which resulted in an outstanding set of results for the whole group. They should be very proud of their achievements, not only in this piece, but throughout the course and it has been extremely rewarding to see them progress over the last two years.”

Congratulations to the seven students: Raymond Anum, Jack Buckley, Arnold Cekaj, Tevin Hall, Ricardo McMaster, Taheen Modak and Madeleine Williams.


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