On Thursday 7 May 2014, Year 9 students in top set Spanish visited the British Film Institute (BFI) in London. Accompanied by Mr Doyle, Ms Kelvin and Mr Kettle, twenty-seven students took part in a Spanish Film Day with schools from across the country.

The all-day session was conducted almost entirely in Spanish, testing the boys’ knowledge of the language. The students watched four Spanish short films on various themes ideas; one, for example, told the story of a blind, lonely scarecrow, while another was a non-linear tale with the theme of causality. Interspersed within each viewing were a series of tasks which allowed the boys to practice their skills.

In the afternoon, the students watched a feature-length Spanish film with English subtitles, ‘Manolito Gafotas (1999)’ (English: ‘Manolito Four-Eyes’). This comedy film told the story of a young boy who goes on a road trip with his father and learns about himself and the importance of family. The film had the boys in stitches, and all responded very well to what they had seen. Muhammad Sabri (9E) commented that it was “more fun to learn this way”, while Usman Mahmood (9F) described the day as “one of the best ways of learning”. Many students felt that the day had been very informative, as it allowed them to learn some new vocabulary in a practical and interesting way.

Throughout the day, Isleworth & Syon students were volunteering answers, and all the teachers were very impressed with the boys’ conduct and discipline. Well done to everyone


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