We are delighted to receive notice that Oliver Bowles (Year 11) has been invited to participate in the ‘Pink Kangaroo’ stage of the UK Maths Challenge. Oliver will compete in this prestigious international competition because he attained the best score in the school for the UK Maths Challenge, a national Maths competition with over 600,000 participants. Oliver took part in the Intermediate stage, for 11-16-year-olds, and gained a Gold award for his performance in a lively multiple-choice test. As a result, he will compete against students from fifty countries around the world.

Oliver is currently a part of a top set maths class (led by Mr Giannotta) that has already sat their maths GCSE a year early. He gained an A* in that examination and is now studying for an applied maths qualification alongside the rest of his class.

Congratulations to Oliver for this outstanding achievement, and we wish him all the best in the ‘Pink Kangaroo’ competition.


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