The finished product.

On Wednesday 5th March, two groups of Year 8 design & Ttechnology students took part in an Engineering Challenge, accompanied by Mr. Elliston. One of the students, Kewin Rosenbeiger (8A), writes about his experience below:


I had a great experience at the Engineering Challenge because we had to work as a team, with each person having an individual job. I had to make the paper rolls, which was quite complicated! Once I had made a couple of paper sticks to use as the chair frame, I rejoined my group and we began to build the chair.

We largely improvised during the construction, and spent an hour and a half without a break as we tried to ensure that the chair was stable. We also decided late in the process to include a light within the chair. We designed it so that when you sat in the chair, it lit up. It was a great feeling when we knew it was successfully working.

At the end of the day we presented our final product to the judges. Overall, we came second, and we were very proud of our achievement!


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