On Sunday 12 October 2013, a group of GCSE and A-Level History students were taken on a five-day excursion to Russia. The trip included two days in St. Petersburg and three in Moscow. Tommy Egan (10B) gives his account below.


We began in St. Petersburg and we spent a long time simply in awe of the incredible architecture and history of this city as we travelled from sight to sight. By far the most notable of these was the State Hermitage Museum, the grand and 250-year-old museum of Art and Culture that resides in the now expanded Winter Palace.

After travelling in a surprisingly comfortable sleeper train overnight, we arrived in the historic city of Moscow. One highlight, of course, was the Kremlin, an incredible sight that blew everyone away. Personally, my favourite part was the uniquely decorated and extremely efficient Metro Railway that felt more like a royally-appointed underground line than a public transport network.


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