From the Headteacher

I hope that you will enjoy another newsletter full of information and recent school news. In particular, you may well enjoy reading about the very close finish to the annual cricket match against the MCC.

No doubt you will have also seen the news about the RMT Union calling a series of strikes that will affect the rail network across the country next week. South Western Railways have notified us of planned strikes for Tuesday 21 and Thursday 23 June – this may impact how students can get to school. 

The advice is to find an alternative route or means of travel on those days and we expect all students to manage to get to school as normal, which might mean enjoying a walk or dusting off a bicycle! 

It is vital for students sitting public examinations (GCSE History on Tuesday morning and GCSE Physics or GCE Chemistry next Thursday morning) that you plan now how you will manage to get to school in time for the exams.

I wish you all well for the weekend and week ahead.

Euan Ferguson


As we enter the final week of public examinations, I want to urge students to keep working right up to the final minute of their final exam. It is really important to finish strongly and not to relax until after the end of the last examination.

As a reminder for Year 11 students, we would be very grateful for donations of serviceable school uniform and sports kit, as well as revision books that could be used by students still at school, once you have finished with the items. You will receive further information on your last examination about our ‘New to You’ scheme.


Alumni Appears on ‘Pointless’

A key part of being an Isleworthian is the bond between student and school. We hope that students maintain this relationship even after they leave us! So it was fantastic to see one former student reflecting on his schooling in a unique way.

Yusof Ali, who left us in July 2013, appeared on the BBC quiz show ‘Pointless’, and gave a special shoutout to a current member of staff. In a question about electronics, Yusof immediately knew the answer and credited Mr Scanlon for teaching him everything he knows! 

Congratulations to both!

Safeguarding Updates

The arrival of hot weather can tempt people to take a dip to cool down. Please do be aware of the possible dangers of swimming in rivers, lakes and the sea. Bodies of water can look safe but can hide dangerous currents and hazardous objects, and our rivers are also often polluted. 

Should there be an emergency call 999 or, for non-urgent matters that require police attention, call 101.

Word of the Week

The word of the week for next week is “commission.


Cricket vs MCC

A very warm Wednesday saw challenging cricketing conditions down at Wood Lane, as we hosted our annual cricket match versus the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). The club, which is based at Lord’s, are one of the most prestigious cricket clubs in the world, so we were grateful to them for their time. The heat led to a very quick pitch, but our first XI rose to the challenge! The boys performed brilliantly, rushing into a commanding early lead. However, the MCC fought back, asking a lot of the boys – but they demonstrated resilience in adversity, rescuing a draw when the match seemed like it was getting away from them. Well done, boys!

Sports Day

The weather was glorious on Friday morning as we hosted our annual Sports Day for students in Years 7-10. Competition was fierce as students battled for their house, with all track and field events taking place over four hours. Students were encouraged to drink plenty of water and apply sunscreen regularly to deal with the heat, which nearly reached 30 celsius. Still, the boys showed admirable resilience and battled hard throughout. Turner were comfortable winners, finishing an outstanding 40 points ahead of second-placed Shackleton. Well done boys for a brilliant morning of athletics!

New Table Tennis Tables

In order to create more outdoor social spaces for our students, an area at the front of the school was landscaped at the start of the year, with new benches provided for seating and playing chess. This week, six new outdoor table tennis tables have been delivered to allow for a further playing area. The tables will be in use from Monday 20 June and will create a second area, adding to the venue in the main quadrangle.

Oxford University Visit

A small selection of Gifted & Talented students in Year 9 visited Somerville College on Tuesday. The college forms part of the University of Oxford, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This, then, was a fantastic insight into what it is like to be a student at an elite college. Students took part in a high-level academic taster lesson and met current students. It was clear afterwards that this group’s aspirations had been raised! Our thanks to Mr Jones and Mr Judge for accompanying the boys.

Geography Fieldwork

GCSE geography students are required to undertake compulsory fieldwork exercises – that is, applying their geographical skills and concepts in the real world. This week, students visited the coastal town of Seaford in East Sussex for a very hot day of fieldwork, giving them first-hand experience of coastal processes, management and land use. This trip will give them valuable knowledge to help them plan their own independent fieldwork exercises in Year 11.

A Level Drama

Thursday saw our four A level drama students complete their final examined performance from Component 2. It was an original creation inspired by theatre-makers Dario Fo and Franca Rame – with extra inspiration from current political events in Westminster! It was a brilliant piece, with students rising to the occasion. Results will follow later in the term!