The latest winner of the Headmaster’s Cup – Ben Rawsthorne.

The school presents two Headteacher Awards each year.

The Headmaster’s Cup is a prestigious prize presented to the senior student who has demonstrated a substantial contribution during his time at the school. It is chosen by the Co-Headteachers and presented at the Senior Awards Evening.

Since 2014, the school has presented the Headteacher’s Cup. This trophy is specifically for students in Years 7-9 that have shown outstanding attainment and progress during their first three years in the school. The full list is below.

Year Headteacher’s Cup (Junior) Headmaster’s Cup (Senior)
2001-02 Not awarded
2002-03 Not awarded
2003-04 Not awarded
2004-05 Not awarded
2005-06 Not awarded Darren West
2006-07 Not awarded Darren West
2007-08 Not awarded Kivraj Sabarwal
2008-09 Not awarded Michael Kettle
2009-10 Not awarded
2010-11 Not awarded
2011-12 Not awarded Charles Greaves
2012-13 Not awarded Dejan Butler
2013-14 Harry Stenholm Max Mills
2014-15 Tom Keenan Josh Norris
2015-16 John Alvaran Louis Kelly
2016-17 Lars-Leander Volle Maxwell Omondi
2017-18 Ben Rawsthorne Gheorghe Rotaru
2018-19 Matthew Nunan Daniel Ashton
2019-20 Oliver Hone Diallo Williams
2020-21 Kaname Asaki Morgan Lawrence
2021-22 Max Manson Ben Rawsthorne
2022-23 Jonas Canniere To be awarded December 2023