All students in school progress along the ‘Isleworth & Syon way’ during their time with us. This means that they reach certain milestones as they progress up the school and develop their skills. For Year 7, the end of the Autumn Term sees the official end of their induction as they become Inductees. This is the first step towards becoming Scholars in Year 11 and then Academics at the end of Year 13.

A traditional part of our school year is the Year 7 Induction Assembly. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the assembly took a different format this year, with students split into two groups and parents/carers unfortunately not able to take part. However, it was still a fantastic celebration of a year group that has made a brilliant start to life as Isleworthians.

The assembly, led by Mr Dargan, began with a reflection on the meaning of Christmas. He gave particular focus to the Christmas star, and in particular how this symbolises hope. Mr Dargan discussed with students the importance of holding on to hope during these extraordinary times, as well as how the three kings experienced extreme joy at seeing the star. It was important to remind the boys to find joy during the Christmas season.

We then moved on to the awards. Every student received a pin badge to represent either Adam, Brunel, Shackleton and Turner – allowing them to showcase their house pride across the school. Three levels of medal – gold, silver and bronze – were awarded to each student. These were given based on their attitudinal data as well as meeting PPA deadlines, being punctual to school in the mornings, and being ready, respectful and safe. All students went away with a medal, with the statistics showing over a hundred gold awards. This is a testament to the brilliant performance from this year group so early in their Isleworth & Syon careers.

Mr Dargan went on to present some extra-curricular commendations from the PE team. The first was the Most Improved:

  • 7Ad – Lewi Bereket (Rugby) and Hafif Domi (Football)
  • 7Am – Huxley Sanchez (Football)
  • 7Br – Nirvaan Assi (Rugby)
  • 7Bl – Edison Millward (Football)
  • 7Sh – William Ferguson-Newlove (Football)
  • 7Sn – Ethan Osahn (Rugby) & Daniel Lumm (Rugby)
  • 7Tu – Abhi Singh (Rugby)
  • 7Tr – Valentino Alberto (Football)

Then, we rewarded the Clubmen – students who are wholly committed to the activity and the team/group. The Clubman is not necessarily the best player, but someone without whom the team/group wouldn’t function as well. Well done to Tariq Ali-Bailey (7Sn) and Kai Joshi (7Ad) for their all-round contribution to both football and rugby this term.

We presented House Leader commendations to Jacob Turski (Adam), Ayman Shah (Brunel), Xavier Williams-Rhodes (Shackleton) and Harrise Williams (Turner) for outstanding commitment to school life. Lastly, Axle Moldero (7Bl) came just ahead of Abhi Singh (7Tu) and Athar Rehman (7Bl) to be crowned the Most Positive Student for his great work in lessons. In total, the year group won over 11,000 house points in just three months – a staggering number.

Although it was sad that we couldn’t welcome families to share in their son/ward’s triumphs, it was a great celebration and a fitting end to Year 7’s first term. We are proud of the students for both overcoming the significant obstacles caused by the global pandemic and settling in nicely to life at Isleworth & Syon. The challenge, now, is to better themselves further in the Spring Term to come. Well done, Year 7!


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