A massive congratulations to our Year 7 ‘A’ team football squad who, last night, won the ‘B’ league title. They faced Gunnersbury, and, after a hard-fought contest, won 2-1. The students now progress to the Borough play-offs, where they will play the winner of the ‘A’ league. This was a fantastic result for the boys, who have shown great spirit and determination this year and emerged triumphant. We hope that this is just the beginning for this promising crop of young talent. The team consisted of: Zayn Hussain (7D), Zohaib Chaudhri (7F), Jared Myers (7D), Benjamin Frye (7C), Sam Pal-Byrne (7E), Mehdi Ghreib (captain) (7F), Morgan Lawrence (7E), Cadell Osborne (7E), Seth Coleman-Botchey (7C) and Max Cadogan (7D).

Our ‘B’ team also beat Gunnersbury on Monday evening, by the same scoreline as their ‘A’ team compatriots. We are still waiting for confirmation of their final placing, but it is clear that, whatever the final result, they have made very encouraging progress throughout the season. The team comprised of: Tyreece Carlitos (7D), Maseh Abdulwahid (7F), Hubert Grzelazka (7A), Archie Horton (7E). Miles Collins (C) (7F); Front row: Donnie Spiteri (7B), Djim Kolli (7F), Charlie Ryan-Edwards (7A), Jakub Poskrop (7A).

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