Tuesday 1 July saw a group of our Year 12 biology students visiting the new ISIS Education Centre in Hyde Park as part of the ‘Ecology’ unit of their AS-Level. Over the course of this field trip, students were able to plan and then carry out their own investigations on a footpath, looking into how various species changed as the distance between a tree and the path became larger.

Later, the students went pond-dipping in order to investigate the diversity of organisms in the water. This involved dipping with a net first, before looking at the results under a microscope in the ISIS laboratory. Students investigated many different types of water creature, such as newt tadpoles, larvae, mayfly larvae and leeches.

Overall, it was a fascinating day for all of the students. Vikrant Mudhar commented that they were “really engaged in the practical side of ecology”. In spite of stifling temperatures reaching 23 degrees celsius, Isleworth & Syon’s students were a credit to the school, behaving courteously and professionally throughout.


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