On Monday 9 June 2014, sixty-nine Year 10 GCSE Geography students embarked on a three-day field trip to Swanage, which formed 25% of their GCSE coursework. The students began in Swanage town centre to undertake some tourism surveys, asking locals and tourists about the appeal of the area. The locals gave very positive feedback on the boys’ demeanour and politeness throughout the day. In the evenings, the boys went into a classroom to write up the day’s events and results for inclusion in their coursework.

On the second day, students took a trip down to Studland Bay, visiting three beaches – Middle, South, and Knoll. They collected various pieces of data, including the size and the shape of the beach,es as well as the sediment size. They were then able to compare and contrast each beach. Day Three saw the students making detailed field sketches of the headland and the bay, drawing what they could see.

Overall, the students really enjoyed their experience, as they were able to use the skills and knowledge from lessons in a practical environment. All of the teachers who accompanied them agreed that the students were a credit to the school, displaying impeccable behaviour at all times.


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