Isleworth & Syon has now received full results for the UK Maths Challenge 2014. The UK Maths Challenge is an annual competition organised by the UK Maths Trust (UKMT) to stimulate students’ interest in mathematics. It takes the form of lively and intriguing multiple-choice papers, which give students the opportunity to demonstrate their mathematical abilities. Last year over 600,000 students entered from over 4000 schools.

Isleworth & Syon took part in three challenges: the Junior Challenge (Year 8), Intermediate Challenge (Year 11) and the Senior Challenge (Years 12 and 13). In the Junior Challenge, the Best in Year Award was received by Razi Makame (8F), while for the Intermediate and Senior Challenges, the recipients were Oliver Bowles (11C) and Moadh Tchoketch-Kebir (12TBI) & Thomas Williams (13RON). Oliver qualified for the international stage of the competition, where he performed excellently, getting very close to a merit award.

Overall, for the Junior Challenge, Isleworth & Syon scored one Gold, five Silver and eleven Bronze. In the Intermediate, we gained two Gold, three Silver and eight Bronze, while the Seniors achieved four Bronze awards. These results show the depth of success from our Mathematics Department throughout the school.

Congratulations to every student who participated.

View the award winners

Junior Challenge (Year 8)
Razi Makame (8F) [Best in Year]
Yuvraj Assi (8C) Faizan Muhammad (8C
Samim Rahmani (8D) Yasas Samarawickrema (8A)
Ayub Suggulle (8C)
Ali Al-Skafi (8C) Asaad Anis-Alavi (8E)
Max Bryan (8D) Roberts Darzins (8B)
Ali Harb (8F) Saif Hassan (8D)
Thomas Kent (8D) Mubanga Mulenga (8F)
Rehan Nagra (8C) Munibullah Quraishi (8F)
Karan Sarna (8D)
Intermediate Challenge (Year 11)
Oliver Bowles (11C) [Best in Year] Toby Johnston (11F)
Matthew Carter (11A) Thomas Knox (11D) Dan Nunan (11A)
Haris Abad (11F) Furqan Ahmad (11E) Andrew Fogg (11D)
Winston Hui (11E) Marcus Johnson (11C) James Kittappa (11A)
Aman Patel (11F) George Stow (11D)
Senior Challenge (Year 12)
Moadh Tchoketch-Kebir (12TBI) [Best in Year] Usman Shafeeq (12IAL)
Senior Challenge (Year 13)
Thomas Williams (13RON) [Best in Year] Daniel Mullin (13TBI)


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