During Wednesday 5 and Thursday 13 February 2014, the design & technology department took two groups of Year 10 GCSE students to the Design Museum in London. The Resistant Materials group took part in a one-hour workshop, where they were given the opportunity to analyse some interesting lighting products and then design their own. The Electronic Products students also had a workshop, studying innovative materials and examining their uses.

Both sets of students then had the opportunity to visit the exhibitions on offer at the museum. The first, entitled ‘Hello, My Name is Paul Smith’, gave the boys an insight into the life and work of renowned fashion designer Paul Smith, as they learned how he became such an iconic figure. Next, they visited ‘In the Making’, exploring what everyday products (such as a tennis ball or a £2 coin) look like midway through the manufacturing process. The students were astonished at how different these items looked from the finished article, discovering just how long and challenging manufacturing processes can be.

The boys will now be able to use the knowledge they have acquired in order to supplement their coursework assignments. All members of staff involved agreed that the students’ behaviour was impeccable, especially as the trips took place in the midst of a Tube strike.


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