The contract with our current caterers finishes at the end of this term. Our desire is that the school is ‘outstanding in every respect’ and the provision of high-quality food is one aspect of this drive. With this in mind, a tendering process has taken place this term.

After a number of school visits, meetings with potential contractors and the interrogation of contracts, we are delighted to announce that CucinA have been successful in winning the new contract. There is no doubt that the boys will notice a significant change in the service next term. Members of the School Council, the Chair of the PTA, governors and staff took part in the final selection process and were unanimous in their choice of provider. CucinA will take over at the start of next term.

The brief from Mr Ferguson for the new contractors was to have a chef-led service. The focus will be on high-quality restaurant-style food. The service will be increasingly flexible allowing students a breakfast, break, lunch and after-school provision as well as being available to Sixth Formers and staff through the day. Food is to be ethically sourced and home produced wherever possible, packaging will be dramatically reduced and waste is to be minimal.

The current method of payment will be retained. Biometric data will be used to create student accounts, which saves the need to carry money or cheques to school. We will also be increasing the opportunity to top-up accounts through the online payment service.

CucinA are currently preparing to take over and will themselves engage with students and families next term. There will be the opportunity for parents/carers to sample the type of food available to the students, at parent/carer contact events throughout the next school year.


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