The week is flying by – we’re now on the second-to-last day of Remote Induction Week. Yesterday you met your house leaders, so today’s activity is to research and find out a little bit more about the famous figures our houses are named after and then to complete your first House Challenge.

1. Read the Instructions

Below, you will see twelve words relating to each of our Houses. We want you to create a collage of pictures, photographs, drawings or text that relate to or represent these words:

Equipment, Bridge, Light, Compass, Team, Art, Train, Building, Boat, Materials, Pillar, Tools

You can use pictures of objects from your house, garden and/or local area or research from the internet.

To give you an idea of what we want you to do, check out this attempt by the House Leaders:

The following websites will help you with your research. You are not expected to submit your work online, but instead to bring it to your first on-site school day in September. We will be publishing details on when that will be tomorrow.

Please now go to step 2 below.

2. Complete the Collage

Below are templates for your collage if you wish to use them.

  • Download an editable version (Microsoft Word) here.
  • Download a printable version (PDF) here.

Please now go to step 3 and complete a short form.

3. Complete the Form Below