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This year’s Wider Learning Week will run from Monday 8 – Friday 12 July 2019, for students in Years 7-9 and 12. Year 10 will be taking part in their work-related learning, while Years 11 and 13 will have completed their studies and left school.

Wider Learning Week provides enriching learning experiences in familiar and new contexts. Activities will challenge students and promote a wider understanding and independence. It is also to reward students for their hard work during the school year. To get a sense of what the week’s about, go here, where you can view tweets from July 2018’s activities.

Schedules for Years 7-9 and 12 will be available in due course.

The Year 7 itinerary will be confirmed in the Spring Term.

On Thursday 9 May, we launched the cross-curricular trip to Thorpe Park. All Year 8 students are invited to the trip. Costs are outlined in the letter, which you can access here. Payments should be made via Tucasi here.

Please be advised that this trip is not compulsory, and student attendance is subject to ongoing positive behaviour for the rest of this term. Students that do not choose to go, or are withdrawn due to behavioural concerns, will be placed in an activity on the school site.

Year 9 are given the opportunity to pick one activity which they will undertake for all five days. The process of selecting this activity is outlined in the sections below.

The Year 12 itinerary was distributed to parents/carers and students via email on Tuesday 5 June 2018. You can download the letter via the yellow box underneath.

  • MORE: Download the letter.