Isleworth & Syon is committed to offering all students in Year 10 the opportunity to partake in work experience during the Summer Term, taking place in July. Click on the relevant tabs for each step in the process.

Click the yellow box below for a letter from Mr Fisher, sent to all parents in Year 10, giving some information about the process:

Mr Fisher gave a work experience assembly for all Year 10 students last November, offering handy hints and tips about the Work Experience process.

Each year, the school sends a letter to prospective employers, outlining the process. This is useful for parents/carers as it explains how the Work Experience procedure works.

Making a telephone call to potential employers is a potentially daunting process. Please see below for a step-by-step guide from Mr Fisher.

The first step in the process is for students to complete the Skills Audit. Each year, a number of students are unable to find their own placement; in these cases, young people will be allocated places based on their responses within the Skills Audit. Given this fact, it is important that all students reflect on where they are now, as well as the direction in which they want to go, before they complete and hand in the Skills Audit.

Once the Audit is completed, it should be emailed to This form should be sent by Friday 15 November 2019.

Once the Audit is completed, students can then proceed with finding their placements. It is recommended that, wherever possible, students find their own work placement, preferably in an employment sector in which the student already has an interest.

If you have found your own work placement, the ‘Own Find’ form must be returned to school, with Section 1 filled out by the parent/carer and student, and Section 2 completed by the employer. The form will be given to students at the start of the Spring Term 2019. The finalised form should be returned to school reception, or by email to, by Monday 24 February 2020.

Once the application process for work experience has been completed, students should then work on their CV. Click the yellow box below for a model CV, to be used as a guideline for the sort of document that employers look for when screening job applications.