We constantly drive to maximise attainment for every student across the curriculum. In the Summer Term, students moving from Year 8 into Year 9 are given the opportunity to shape their timetable through a series of mini-options choices. There are increased demands with the new GCSEs, and an even sharper focus on core subjects. Therefore, we are now going to provide further time in Year 9 for chosen subjects to improve knowledge, understanding and develop application so higher levels of progress can still be made. To find this time for more in-depth study of subjects, students are able to make some choices of study in Year 9. Chosen subjects will then have increased lesson time, while the other subjects will not appear on your son/ward’s timetable. The focus on the selected subjects will be to develop the knowledge, application and skills to be highly successful at GCSE and then at post-16 level, if appropriate.

Students will pick two subjects from computing, geography and history, AND two from art, drama, design & technology, and music. The four subjects chosen will have increased lesson time in September, while the other three subjects will not appear on students’ timetables.

More details will follow in due course.