We recognise that all students have individual strengths and talents, and we seek to ensure that all students are given opportunities to explore learning beyond the classroom.

The Gifted & Talented programme is particularly targeted towards students who have a high level of aptitude across all subject areas. The aim of the programme is to encourage consistent attainment and allow students at least one opportunity a year to take part in an extra-curricular activity designed to stretch their creative thinking, independent learning and communication skills. In addition, students on the Gifted and Talented register will receive support within lessons and through individual mentoring to help sustain high academic achievement.

Please contact the school if you have any questions about the Gifted & Talented programme.

The top 20 attaining students in each year group are identified as the Gifted & Talented cohort. This is based on taking a cumulative score of student attainment across core and foundation subject areas. Year 7 students are first identified based on their Key Stage 2 assessment data across English, mathematics and science. The register is reviewed in September and January of each year. A shadow register is also kept of students who have previously been identified as qualifying for the Gifted and Talented register but who have not sustained their academic performance.

Parents/carers will receive a letter notifying them of their son/ward’s place on the register.

We expect students on the Gifted and Talented register to be self-motivated and work to the best of their ability in lessons. Where students demonstrate a risk of underachieving, a number of interventions may be put into place to help sustain progress. This may include:

  1. Individual conversations with the Gifted & Talented co-ordinator
  2. Group mentoring sessions
  3. Conversation with parents/carers
  4. Peer mentoring sessions
All students are given at least one extra-curricular opportunity each year to explore learning beyond the classroom. Opportunities may include university visits, external workshops, competitions against other schools, and visits from external speakers. In addition, there are several core activities that we hope as many students choose to participate in.

All students on the Gifted and Talented register receive membership to the Potential Plus website (http://www.potentialplusuk.org/). Login details will be distributed in the Autumn Term.

There are a number of masterclasses and workshops offered nationally to able students. Information can be found here.