The mathematics department aims to develop within students a confidence and enjoyment of using mathematical procedures and problem-solving skills. We recognise the importance of numeracy skills across the curriculum and aim to develop these skills so that our students can critically analyse data from a science experiment, interpret information from a graph in geography, or estimate lengths and weights in design and technology lessons.

Having strong number skills is associated with improved health, financial security and happiness in later life. At Isleworth & Syon, we are equally as proud of the fact that we are preparing our boys for a better future as we are of our strong examination results and the number of boys who go on to study mathematics at university.

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Curriculum Leader

Mr S Everett

Deputy Curriculum Leader

Mr J Barry

Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr M Issa

Teaching Staff

Mr S Akrofi Mr D Baum
Ms B Conway Mr E Ferguson
Miss E Highfield Mr P King
Mrs E Quansah
We run a variety of activities for students outside of the classroom. These include:

  • Chess club
  • UK Maths Challenge activities (Junior, Intermediate, Senior)
  • Team mathematics competitions