Being numerate is being able to confidently apply mathematical skills in a range of settings; it is the ability to critically analyse information presented numerically or in charts and graphs in order to better understand the world and to make good decisions in life.

At Isleworth & Syon we recognise the research which shows that having strong numeracy skills is linked very closely to how happy, healthy and successful people are in later life, and as such we are focused on developing those skills across the school and not just in maths lessons.

Students complete numeracy activities in form time and our mathematics schemes of work have been designed to support pupils in developing strong mathematical procedures before applying them to real world contexts, problem-solving activities and using them in other areas of the school.

All teachers are encouraged to seize every opportunity to develop numeracy skills in our students in order to better understand the world we live in.  We would encourage parents/carers too to talk about number, and have selected a number of resources which we feel would be of use:

  • Family Maths Toolkit – The Family Maths Toolkit is full of ideas to help parents, families and children aged 13 and under enjoy everyday maths activities together
  • Videos of parents talking about ways they help their children develop numeracy skills
  • Corbettmaths – 5-a-day – The numeracy section on this page provides daily questions to help develop fluency.  The Foundation and Higher sections are appropriate for boys in Years 9-11.
  • Nrich – maths problems and articles for pupils of all ages; great for students with solid skills who are looking for the next challenge

Parents/carers looking for books to work with their children might be interested in the following:

  • Worded problems – this is a collection of tests, but talking about any of the individual questions at home and asking students to explain and justify their answer would be very powerful
  • Maths on the go – 101 ways to make thinking about and practising maths enjoyable
  • Some of our older students have enjoyed discovering how their understanding of number can be useful in a sporting context by reading The Hidden Maths of Sport
Each year we run a Numeracy and Literacy Evening for Year 7 parents/carers, aimed at passing on ideas and skills for developing these skills in boys at home. We also recognise that many adults are unsure about their own number skills and would welcome the opportunity to build up confidence.  The following links are intended to help with that:

Maths for Mums and Dads is a book which details some of the methods taught in schools that might be different to when parents/carers were at school.