Whole School Risk Assessment

We undertake continual assessments of the risks arising out of the pandemic and actions are taken in school to lessen the impact of the risks, perceived or otherwise.

Summary of Safety Measures

Some of the measures in place to keep our students and staff safe are listed below for a quick reference:

  • We are currently operating a normal timetable and a full curriculum for all students.
  • Our extra-curricular programme is back in place and is comprehensive. We have put on hold on trips abroad where there may be a risk of the loss of costs paid by parent/carers, if a trip needs to be cancelled.
  • Students are asked to wash or sanitise their hands on arrival in school and to repeat this several times during the school day.
  • Students are currently wearing face coverings if they wish.
  • Students are asked to take a lateral flow test if they develop symptoms, and if it is possible to do so.
  • We retain additional cleaning services in school, so that cleaning takes place before and after school and during the school day.
  • Classrooms are laid out to minimize viral spread. Desks are spaced as much as possible, and the rooms are well ventilated.
  • We have CO2 monitors in place checking the air quality in over 40 indoor areas of the school, and all rooms are kept well ventilated.
  • Students are encouraged to move between lessons outside the school building where this is feasible.
  • Circulation around the school requires students and staff to walk on the left. Signage is in place to encourage this.
  • If we suffer from excessive staff absence, we will employ more supply teachers; combine classes or, as a last resort, send some non-examination groups home to study, so that students preparing for external examinations can avoid disruption to their education.