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Science is introduced into the curriculum in Year 7. Students will continue to study the three sciences – biology, chemistry and physics – through to GCSE, attaining an option of two or three GCSE grades. As a department, we pride ourselves on our continued outstanding success, a result of our highly enthusiastic and dedicated team of teachers who progress and exhilarate the students from Year 7 through to Year 11. Our aim is to educate, encourage and inspire every single one of our students. Many opt to continue studying a science as one of their A level options, leading to a successful career in the scientific industry.

View the staff team

Curriculum Leader

Miss N Stead

Deputy Curriculum Leaders

Mr R O’Neill
Miss K Woodward

Teaching Staff

Mr C Belcher Ms T Billimoria
Mrs J Bleau-Emanuel Mr M Dargan
Miss G Kearns Miss P Nsiah
Miss C Wheeler


Mr J Bird Miss C Grant
Mrs J Kemp Mrs T Robertson (Senior Technician)
We offer a range of additional opportunities for our students. These include:

  • Year 7 science club
  • University lectures
  • Drop in help sessions
  • Medic Club (Year 12)