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The staff at Isleworth & Syon are led by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), consisting of the Headteacher, three Deputy Headteachers, six Assistant Headteachers and one Associate Assistant Headteacher. Together, they are responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.

Name Responsibilities
Mr E Ferguson Headteacher
Ms L Simms Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour & Students
Mr S Fisher Deputy Headteacher – Teaching & Learning / Gifted & Talented
Miss J Higginbottom Deputy Headteacher – Data & Achievement
Mr J Doyle Assistant Headteacher – Sixth Form Leader
Mrs L Clayton Assistant Headteacher – English & Literacy
Mr M Dargan Assistant Headteacher – Years 7 & 8 / Transition
Mrs R Davies Jones Assistant Headteacher – Teacher Training
Mr S McAlinden Assistant Headteacher – Years 9 & 10/ Key Stage 4 Options
Mr N Stoddart Assistant Headteacher – Mathematics & Numeracy
Miss T Billimoria Assistant Headteacher – Lead Practitioner
The governors of Isleworth & Syon are responsible for the overall decisions made with regards to the school.

Designation Name Other Information
Foundation Governor Dr I Turner British & Foreign School Society; Vice-Chair
Dr E Tomlinson British & Foreign School Society
Mrs C Gower Brunel University
Vacancy Brunel University
Dr R Gardner Senate of the University of London
Parent/Carer Governor Ms S Dixon
Mrs B Ireland
Community Governor Mr A Smith
Mrs V Smith Chair of Governors
Staff Governor Mr E Ferguson Headteacher
Miss S Hannon English – Deputy Curriculum Leader
Mr R Lightfoot Pastoral Leader: Year 11 / Designated Person for Pupil Premium
Mr R O’Neill Deputy Curriculum Leader: Science / Head of Chemistry
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  • Each subject area is led by one curriculum or subject leader, along with deputies and assistants where appropriate. Please consult individual curriculum pages to view the complete staff team for that subject.

    Name Responsibilities
    Mrs L Clayton Curriculum Leader: English & Media
    Mr N Stoddart Curriculum Leader: Mathematics
    Ms N Stead Curriculum Leader: Science
    Miss L Davies Curriculum Leader: Business & Economics
    Mr R Carpenter Curriculum Leader: Creative Arts
    Mr C Dorris Curriculum Leader: Computing
    Mr M Scanlon Curriculum Leader: Design & Technology
    Miss C Lawler Curriculum Leader: Humanities (Geography, History, Religious Education and PSHCE)
    Miss J Clerc Acting Curriculum Leader: Modern Foreign Languages (French & Spanish)
    Miss R Phillips Head of Music
    Mr T McDonnell Curriculum Leader: Performing Arts (Drama & Music)
    Mr M Adams Curriculum Leader: Physical Education
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  • The pastoral team are an integral part of the school, led by the Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour and Students. The Pastoral Support Managers listed below should be a parent/carer’s first line of enquiry when it comes to school matters.

    Name Responsibilities
    Mr M Dargan Pastoral Leader: Years 7 & 8
    Miss A Ludhra Pastoral Support Manager: (Year 7 & 8/Shackleton)
    Mr S McAlinden Pastoral Leader: Years 9 & 10
    Mrs R Dwyer Pastoral Support Manager: (Year 9 & 10/Turner)
    Mr R Lightfoot Pastoral Leader: Year 11
    Mrs V Hammett Pastoral Support Manager: (Year 11/Brunel)
    Miss G Breach and Mr D Chryssides Brunel House
    Mr N Gaskell Shackleton House
    Mr B Milligan Turner House
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  • The school’s Support Staff are members of non-teaching staff who assist with the day-to-day running of the school. This list does not include the Pastoral Support Managers, who are detailed in the ‘Pastoral’ tab.

    Name Responsibilities
    Ms J Adams Learning Support Assistant
    Mr L Archer Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs C Blanchard Art Technician
    Mr D Browell Workshop Technician
    Mr D Brown Education Welfare & Attendance Manager
    Mrs K Brown Finance Officer
    Miss S Cheema Learning Support Assistant
    Mrs E Cornhill Administrative Assistant
    Mr O Fatyga IT Technician
    Miss P George Headteacher’s PA
    Mrs B Giddings Data Manager
    Miss C Grant Laboratory Technician
    Mrs P Jennings Welfare Assistant
    Mrs J Kemp Laboratory Technician
    Mr M Kettle Communications Officer
    Mr J Kirk Reprographics/Audio-Visual Technician
    Ms I Lofiase Learning Support Assistant
    Mr S Magee Senior Network Manager
    Mrs M Mandalia Finance Director
    Mr O Monteiro Caretaker
    Mrs T Robertson Senior Laboratory Technician
    Mrs A Sabarwal Learning Support Assistant
    Mr D Samuel Withdrawal Room Manager
    Mrs J Spink Administrative Assistant/Work Experience Co-Ordinator
    Mrs D Squires Librarian
    Miss R Taylor HLTA
    Mrs S Thompson Display Technician
    Mrs D Tindall Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
    Mrs K Tyler Finance Manager