We are delighted to announce that tickets for the Sixth Form Summer Ball – taking place on Saturday 1 July 2017 – are now available. You can find more details in the letter below. Once you have read the letter, please read the ‘Purchasing Tickets’ section below to find out how to get tickets.

  • MORE: Download a copy.
  • Purchasing Tickets

    Tickets must be purchased via our online payment system, Tucasi. If you haven’t yet registered for Tucasi, the whole process takes less than a minute. The system can also be used for topping up your child’s canteen account and for purchasing school uniform from the school shop.

    Please note that tickets must be purchased in advance online by Friday 16 June. Students can collect your tickets from Mr Tachon the following week.

    Click the button below to access Tucasi. Once you have registered and logged in, scroll down to ‘Trips & events’ and make your purchase. Those who have not registered will receive a link code today to allow them to do so; please contact the Finance department if you encounter any difficulties.


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